Bonas MacFarlane Education was founded in 1992 by Charles Bonas in London.

Upon completing his education at Harrow School and Oriel College in Oxford, and getting a degree in Law and Education, Charles becomes one of the most qualified and experienced suppliers of private education services and expert in placement to British and American schools and universities.

A successful launch of the educational centre in London pushed Charles to enter educational markets in other countries, such as USA, Scotland, UAE, Russia, Nigeria, Turkey and Kazakhstan. Bonas MacFarlane Education led by Charles Bonas, have been working with members of Royal families of Great Britain, Luxembourg, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Hannover, with members of former Royal families of China (Qing Dynasty), Bulgaria, Austria, Greece, and also with the richest families with multi-billion dollars capitals of Great Britain, USA, Russia and Asia. 

In 2012 the very first Bonas MacFarlane Education centre opens in Almaty. During the first 4 years of existence Bonas MacFarlane Education Kazakhstan has gained a reputation of prestige private educational centre with qualified and experienced tutors. Working directly with world leading schools, Bonas MacFarlane presents new methods of education for kids and adults.

For the period since 2012 Almaty office of Bonas MacFarlane Education have placed clients' pupils into the following schools of Great Britain: Oundle school, Gordonstoun school, Sherborne School, Downe House School, Buckswood School, Mill Hill School, NorthBridge House School, DLD college, SKOLA summer school etc.

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