As we have received an inquiry from Kazakhstan Kagazy on learning English, we have tested levels of English knowledge of all the employees. Our tutors have conducted English tutoring in 3 groups of employees with different English levels. By the end of the course, employees who have studied English with our tutors, reached Upper Intermediate level.
Our existing project that we have been running in Aktau since 2013 is for the Republican Government Enterprise “Shakhmardan Yessenov Caspian University of Technologies and Engineering”. Our tutors teach both university students of English as well as staff using unique methods. Our tutor Vernon Lehman became essential to teaching English as a foreign language in Aktau. Each Saturday he would teach English to more than 500 interested individuals of Aktau free of charge. His presentation at Alma Talk can be viewed here.
A representative of the top management of the company had been learning English with one of our tutors for 2 years. Her English course focused on speaking and vocabulary. At the end of her 2-year study, she was able to discuss various global topics and current events with native speakers.
For the ATF Bank employees, our team has prepared a 2-month intensive group English programme with focus on banking. At the end of the programme, employees were more confident to discuss finance and communicate with foreign clients.